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What's mythreewords.com All About?

Think of three words and mythreewords.com lets you use them to point to anything on the internet.

Say you use Google maps to create a link to the location for your house party. Google maps will give you a link like https://www.google.com/maps/@51.5155286,-0.3030688,18z. That's not very friendly and certainly not easy to give to someone down a 'phone line.

So, take that unfriendly link and think of three words that are personal to you and easy to remember. Say "my house party" or "fun party time". It could be any three words. Then go to my threewords.com and add your three words together with the link. Then tell all you friends that they can find you and your party at mythreewords.com and looking for "fun party time".

Of course, it does not have to be a link to Google maps, it could be any link to anything. It could be your Facebook page, a restaurant's website, your own personal website, it could be anything on the internet.

Using mythreewords.com

How To Use mythreewords.com Lookup Three Words

Just go to mythreewords.com and enter three words you are looking for. If there is an entry for those three words, it will show you the link and let you go straight to where that links points to.

In addition, if you are sure about the three words you are looking up, you can go straight to where they point to by typing in mythreewords.com/word1.word2.word3 and press return!

Try it. Type in mythreewords.com/michael.paul.ellis into your browser.

If you cannot afford your own fancy website domain name, you can use a easy to remember mythreewords.com link instead!

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